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Moving With Your Pet

Moving home can be one of the most stressful life events you’ll ever have to tackle. But in the chaos of cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and moving trucks, you might not realise how stressed your pets feels too. Read on for ways to make the transition as safe and easy as possible for your furry friends.

  • Choosing a New Neighbourhood, House or Flat
    Before you pick out your dream home, make sure your pet will love it just as much as you do. It’s a good idea to walk around the neighbourhood to determine whether the area seems safe for your pets. Be on the lookout for neighbourhood dogs that seem aggressive or are left unattended.

    When it comes to square footage needs, cats and dogs differ
    • For your feline friends, ensure your potential new space allows for plenty of room to build vertically—it’s easy to create a lot of vertical space with shelving, such as kitty blocks on top of furniture.
    • Consider your dog’s needs on a case-by-case basis. Older dogs, puppies and dogs with house training issues will need to go outside often, which might be difficult in an apartment building with lots of stairs or a house without a yard.

    Packing Up Your Home
    Cats aren’t big fans of change. You can help your cats (and skittish dogs) adjust to the moving process by bringing in moving boxes early, and by keeping your furry friends in a familiar room you plan to pack up last. On moving day, keep your pets in a quiet room with the door shut, or at a friend’s house. This will ensure that your cat or dog won’t get scared and try to make a quick getaway while the movers load up the truck. During the moving process, try to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible.

    Planning Your Road Trip
    Many pets haven’t spent much time in crates or cars. In the weeks or months leading up to the big trip:
    • Prepare your pets by gradually acclimating them to their crates. First, place their food inside an open crate, and eventually have them eat their meals in the crate with the door shut.
    • Try carrying your pets around the house in the crate or taking a short drive.
    • You can help your pets develop a positive association with the crate by providing treats and playtime at the conclusion of crate time.

    Taking these steps will make moving day a lot more comfortable for you and your furry friends.
  • Pet-Proofing Your New Home
    It is a good idea to pet-proof your new home. Tuck away electrical cords, plug up nooks where your pet could get stuck, make sure that all windows have secure screens, remove any poisonous houseplants and confirm that no pest-control poison traps have been left anywhere in the house.

    Settling In
    When you arrive at your new home at the end of your long journey, it will be tempting to set your dog or cat loose in the house to explore. However, a new and unfamiliar space can be overwhelming to your pets.
    • Start by allowing them to adjust to one room—their “home base”—which should include their favourite toys, treats, water and food bowls and litter box for cats.
    • When they seem comfortable, gradually introduce them to other rooms in the house, while keeping some doors shut.
    • You can relocate your cat’s litter box from the “home base” room to a more permanent location by moving it slowly over time. Try moving the litter box one foot forward each day.

    With patience, your cat or dog will be king or queen of your new home in no time.
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  • The accuracy of what you tell us is important when it comes to this. So long as the job is as you described it then the answer is NO.

    But should your booking take longer than you initially requested, you need us to take things up floors that were not mentioned when booking or if you need us to do additional stops then this would incur additional charges.
  • We will collect from anywhere in England, Wales, and Scotland and so long as you are coming back to London then it’s all factored into your quote.

    Should all of your addresses fall outside of London there will be additional cost, but this will again be factored into the quote that you do with us.
  • The easiest way to book is online as this can be done at your convenience and so long as the information given is correct, it will be the same price as booking over the phone.

    But if you want to speak to us then our London based call centre is on hand to answer whatever questions you may have or take your booking over the phone.
  • Absolutely! We’ve never failed to turn up to a customer. It doesn’t matter what the world chucks at us, we will be there!
  • We guarantee 1 passenger seat in all our vans. The only exception is when you are booking 3 movers, as the van only has 3 seats in it.

    If you need two passengers to travel in the van, please let us know this at the time of booking and we will try to accommodate this as best we can, but we offer no guarantees as the job before or after you may require 2 movers and the spare mover needs to travel in the van.
  • Not necessarily but booking at least 7 days in advance will normally mean that we can do whatever day and time you want. If you book with less than 7 days’ notice, then we will always try to fit you in wherever possible.
  • We do advise for our customers to book enough time for their move and if you’re unsure maybe add on 30-60 mins. As this can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. For tips on how to calculate the amount of time you need for your move please click here.

    That being said, we do understand that sometimes customers accidently underestimate the amount of time they need to move, therefore if you go over your booked time, we will charge the standard rate for the first half hour but after that every additional half hour will have a 25% surcharge on top.

    For customers that are way off with their estimations there may be circumstances where we must finish the job off on another day or time when we have availability. As we may have another customer to move after you and we cannot continuously postpone them.
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  • We are London based with our headquarters in Mitcham, South London. But that doesn’t limit us to where we can go. We carry out jobs all over London, if you keep your eye out, you’ll see our vans dotted in the north, east, south, and west.
  • We operate 2 types of vans: Large Transit and Luton Van. Please see the dimensions for the vans below. If your building or the parking in the building has a height or width restrictions we must know in advance as we sometimes send a bigger van at no extra cost if your original van is delayed.

    Large Transit:
    Length: 3.5m (Internally), 6.0m (Externally)
    Height: 1.9m (Internally), 2.55m (Externally)
    Width: 1.6m (Internally), 1.8m (Externally)

    Luton Van:
    Length: 4.0m (Internally), 6.7m (Externally)
    Height: 2.2m (Internally), 3.3m (Externally)
    Width: 2.0m (Internally), 2.0m (Externally)
  • Our removal quotes are based on several factors. Location, distance of the move, complexity of the move (what floor each address is on etc.), what type on van you need us to send, the number of movers you need, and the amount of time needed. Packing and storage will also be factored if you require them.
  • If parking is difficult outside your property or is restricted to permit holders only, then you will need organise this for us before we arrive on the day. If it is pay and display, then you can pay for this for us on the day as well.

    We will not park anywhere that we may get a ticket unless you pay for the cost of this ticket in advance. We charge this at £80 which is non-refundable whether we get the ticket or not. The reason for this is because we sometimes have circumstances where we do not get the ticket until several months after the date of contravention and therefore cannot put a timeline on when we know if we got a ticket or not.
  • Yes, feel free to tip the movers if you feel that they have done an excellent job.